Changes afoot

Throughout my twenties, I never really understood the whole marriage thing. I asked a few people, but was never really able to get an answer that made sense to me. I was also quite scared off by a very young, very foolhardy engagement to an abusive partner that really didn’t set my expectations very well.

And now I kind of get it. I still can’t explain why marriage is important to me any better than anyone could explain it to me, but … it means something to me regardless. Obviously, or I wouldn’t do it.

But let’s be honest: Dan & I have a pretty great relationship, and our wedding is less than 2 months away… but it’s not going to actually CHANGE anything about that relationship. (Well, not that I know of. Ask me in a few months, maybe I’m wrong and the Marriage Gods finally let me in on what this is all about.)

So a few weeks ago, our friend Cogno (along with MrsCogno & CognoJr) announced that they were moving to Keremeos, to run the Old Grist Mill. Which sounds utterly amazing, and I am totally looking forward to visiting, but more importantly something had to be done with their house. They let their friends know that they would like to recommend some people to their landlord to be the next tenants of their house.

I’d been there a couple of times, and was somewhat amazed. The house is gorgeous. Old, probably built in the 30s or 40s, with an amazing backyard filled with Cogno’s Garden. Two bedroom, full semi-finished basement, working fireplace, no irritating tenants downstairs. In deepest Kitsilano, a mere block from being technically Point Grey. Mere blocks from the beach, close to express buses, and quite frankly just an amazing house that I should never be able to afford.

But hey, turns out, it’s actually slightly cheaper (and about three times larger) than our current two bedroom condo near Main Skytrain. Uh. No brainer.

So Dan & I trekked out one morning to take a look (Dan had never been there) and yeah, it’s perfect. So we asked them to pass our names along, and voila: We’re moving to Kits!

Right before the wedding.

On the upside, we are having a very small wedding that, other than some minor details like doing my hair/makeup trial, meeting with the officiant, and just sorting out the exact details of where everybody is going to sit… well, it’s basically already planned. If the date got moved up to tomorrow, I am confident that everything would go off reasonably well, so I’m not really all that stressed about it.

One other bonus that this has is actually making this particular time in our lives a bit more of a “milestone”. Sure, a wedding is a milestone in itself, but it’s also a landmark as far as new home, new husband, new life. So I’m pretty excited about all this coming together at the same time. We get to start our new lives that are basically the same as our old lives, but with actual, real change.

Also, I MAY consent to having a wee housewarming/wedding celebration party after we’re settled. My wedding is so small I had to tell some of my closest friends that I was sorry they weren’t invited, so this will be a lovely, no-wedding way of being able to celebrate with a few more people. Without that whole wedding thing going on.

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