Health is exhausting

Disclaimer with this post: Please don’t offer health advice. Even if you suffer from the same thing. Even if your sisters neighbour tried something and it cured everything. I’ve done a shit ton of research, and I’m still in the very, very early stages of figuring shit out, and I need to talk to my doctor more before I get even more overwhelmed. Anecdotal, unsolicited advice is not what I need right now.

So. I was referred to a specialist a few weeks ago, and last week I finally got in. And in no time at all I had a brand new diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which took me kind of by surprise, because one of the usual side effects is obesity. And… without really trying very hard, I am well within expected weight ranges for my height. Heck, when I was younger, I was downright skinny in a slightly creepy way. But hell, not all women who have PCOS have cysts on their ovaries, nevermind obesity.

Apparently we are referred to as “thin cysters”. Oh good. Puns. Yay.

So, some of the other side effects that come along with PCOS is insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. So the next thing they did was send me in to get tested for that. And I haven’t seen my doctor about that one yet, but I tested within range for prediabetes. Well isn’t that just lovely?

On the upside, I’m only JUST in the range for prediabetes, so I’m not freaking out just yet.

Here’s something weird: So, my mother had breast cancer a few years ago, and I read everything I could get my hands on while she was sick. The conclusion I came to is that other than obvious carcinogens, the only thing that normal people can really do to prevent/treat cancer is diet & exercise. One thing that really twigged me was sugar as a cancer feeder (in that, if you already have cancer, it loves sugar.) So I thought what the hell, can’t hurt to cut down on sugar, especially refined sugar. And so … I’ve cut out the vast majority of refined sugar from my diet for the last two years. Not always, and not perfectly, because it’s not like omg, sugar will make me die! But I even started making my own jam so that I could sweeten it with something OTHER than straight up white sugar. (I’ve done honey, agave nectar, and a few other things with excellent results.)

So now I find out that I’m pre-diabetic and it seems that cutting down on sugar is actually a remarkably good idea. Well, huh. I am not the most woo-woo Voodoo kind of girl, but listening to what your body tells you is probably a good thing. If you think “Hey, I wonder if I should cut down on refined sugar?” and your brain twigs it as a super awesome wonderful idea… maybe that’s a thing.

Or maybe it’s voodoo bullshit and I just got lucky.

Now, if only I could remember the OTHER thing that always struck me as an excellent idea — that is, eating many small meals throughout the day — and actually do it, we’d be set.

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