I knit a sweater.

I knit a WHOLE sweater! I am so pleased. But this is less about knitting a sweater, and more about blocking. Because blocking is VOODOO.

So my sweater is 100% wool. I knew that you could do a lot with blocking, but I had NO idea how much. As soon as it got wet, the entire sweater seemed to grow about 6 sizes. Pinned it at the shop, then took it home and laid it back out intending to repin it before it dried too much.

Well, some errands, dinner, a couple of episodes of Star Trek TNG later and I decided I should repin the damn thing. Tried it on beforehand to see how accurate our previous pinning had been, and …

Initially, the sleeves were ALMOST too short. Not quite, but any shorter and it would have been problematic. I just tried on the sweater and the sleeves were about 4″ too long. What the actual fuck. It was also considerably longer than the un-blocked version, which was bad since the original length was perfect. Repin, repin, repin. It’s nowhere near dry yet, so this should bring it back to my size.

Now it’s pinned out to the correct size on my coffee table, which is the only surface large enough to block a full sized sweater. Sorry, honey. No coffee table for a few days.

But what’s really awesome is that I KNIT A SWEATER.

Done? Can you say done? DONE!

(Above picture is pre-blocking. A finished shot will come once it’s dry.)

And of course I’ve already started on my next project: a super chunky log cabin blanket based on this pattern, with some Ella Rae Mega that is so chunky it’s like knitting with tiny soft tree trunks. Because it’s bloody expensive, I’m buying it as I need it, a ball at a time, from Wool is Not Enough.

But it’s going to be awesome and SO COZY.

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