Crafting away a problem

I found myself faced with a problem recently.

- I usually work nights and need to sleep in a bit.
- My apartment (and bedroom) faces east.
- My boyfriend likes to wake up with the sun.
- I cannot change the (white, vertical) curtains as per strata rules.
- Winter Summer is coming

The result of these problems is that the sun in the morning is a Big Problem, and is getting more obnoxious as the weather finally decides to put on its big girl panties and grow a pair. (As Dan has commented on a few times recently: I’m bad at metaphors.) I could get a ceiling-hung curtain rod and blackout curtains to hang on the inside of the existing curtains, but the easy solution was a sleeping mask.

I kind of already had a few. I have a couple of crappy airline masks that slip around, are hard to adjust, and feel awful on my skin. I have a SexyTime leather & lace mask that is super cute, and SO not comfortable to sleep in.

Solution? I decided to try this tutorial. I was also determined to use only fabric from my stash because honestly, it’s what, 4 inches long? I do not need to buy fabric for this. Not even cotton batting, as the tutorial described.

So, I started off by using my leather & lace mask as a template, as I do rather like the fit even if wearing leather & lace while one sleeps is possibly the Worst Idea Ever. I grabbed some super soft grey jersey t-shirt-like material for the inside that goes against my skin. Some purple non-stretchy cotton that I am positively SWIMMING in for the outside. Some awful thick green polar fleece that I’ve had kicking around for 8 years for the padding. And a bit of elastic.

First things first, I had to make the pattern. And despite not being a complete idiot, completely forgot that things like “Seam allowances” exist. Hmm. Well, whatever, I forged ahead anyway because I figured I could keep my seams small and just have a slightly smaller mask than expected.

Hahahah. No. But we’ll come back to that.

So I looked at the picture of how they attached the elastic and thought huh, that doesn’t look very secure. So I switched around how the elastic was attached, thinking myself extremely clever. And then came the time to put the layers together. Oh. That’s why it was done that way. Yeaaah, so I had elastic bunching up all over the place going MAD I tell you. MAD. Ugh. Stupid elastic. But, I managed to get it all pinned together, was reasonably certain I wasn’t going to sew over the elastic and sewed.

Just so you know when you are cutting out three pieces of fabric, even if the shapes are pretty close to identical, if you are using three different types of fabric they will shift and slide and generally be a total pain in the ass to get to sit right. Also, I can barely cut a straight line, never mind three pieces of fabric that are going to be the same size with curves and notches and whatnot. I managed to get a seam (with a larger than anticipating seam allowance) sewn, and then flipped it right side out…

…of course to find that I hadn’t actually sewn through all three layers in a few spots. #@!&$#!

Ok, well, fuck it. I wanted it to be bigger anyway. Take two!

I made a new pattern, cut out the pieces, attached the elastic THE RIGHT WAY, pinned, sewed, found the two tiny spots I didn’t catch all three layers (friggin… stupid… fragasdkjsda…) re-sewed, tried it on…

and TADA!


The top one is, of course, my SexyTime mask. (What, you don’t have a SexyTime mask? You should get one. Maybe one less ridiculously uncomfortable as this one. Well, at least it only cost me $5.) Amusingly enough, 95% of it’s life has been spent as a very uncomfortable sleeping mask. I look forward to relegating it to … well, probably never being used again. I’m boring in my old age and like being comfortable. And the bottom is my new sleeping mask! I’m stoked. I’m also looking forward to bringing it with me to Cuba as we have a redeye to Toronto and by golly, I will be sleeping as much as humanly possible on the plane so that I am refreshed and ready to sleep on the beach.

Of course, now that I have made a plain one, I want to make another one all Fancylike on the front.

Modeling my new sleeping mask, looking super sexy. Fuck yeah, hoodie!

I am not pretty when I sew.

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