New Watch

96039540_1d9bc83378_mYes, those bunnies are doing exactly what you think they are. Welcome to Swatch’s “Bunnysutra” watch, as seen in a highly controversial ad over Times Square.

I love it. It’s a “touch watch”. Tap it, and the hands randomly select a … bunny. Then they reset back to the actual time. Great for those times when you simply can’t decide what to do with your loved one.

Major thanks (or, as they say here, “Mahalo”) to Mom & Ken for their generous purchase. I am so spoiled.

I also picked up a grass hula skirt & halter top. Methinks I have my outfit for the next Cirque. And finally, a new red hoodie! Yaaay. It’s not exactly what I wanted — it says “Hawaii” on it, and it’s a bit more sports style than I wanted. But whatever, it’ll keep my arms warm in aircon or cut a cool breeze, which is the point.

Also, I have a whole bunch of new pictures from the last day or two, including pictures from our brunch at the Royal Hawaiian — a meal that cost $200 US for our little group, didn’t include booze, and Carol Ann ate free. Holy moley. On the upside, I am SO stuffed that I don’t think I’m going to be able to move for the next few days. I think I’ve gained ten pounds just this morning… *urp*

So, so tasty.

And now, to relax in the sun.

Best. Timing. Ever.

Can I just mention how freaking awesome it is that while I’m in Hawaii, the lower mainland is being batteredby a storm?

Muahahah! Love it.

Have sand in various crevices now. Must go shower.

When Waves Attack

Today, we rented a car. As it turns out, there’s more to this island than just Waikiki. Who knew?

So, first we headed off to Hanuama Bay, home of some seriously awesome snorkling. The biggest problem I have with diving/snorkling/etc is that I have seriously lousy vision. Wearing a mask underwater leaves me… relatively blind. However, they do rent optical masks for a few extra bucks. Hey, that’s cool. The next catch: My eyesight is really bizarre… one eye is more than twice as bad as the other. They don’t really plan for this.

Good news, though: I think the snorkle guy was flirting with me. He offered to re-do a set for me with my prescription. When the other guy found out, he said “Ooh, you must be special.” Well, of course I am. I don’t know the exact numbers of my prescription off by heart, but I got him to do 2 in one eye and 5 in the other, and it worked like a charm. Awesome! I can see clearly now…

So, off we bobbed, swimming around this way and that, chasing colorful fish here and there. SO pretty! The fish are totally fearless, and didn’t dart away at all… just let me chase after them like a lazy game of tag.

While we were zipping through the water, it started to rain. I know, rain! In Hawaii! Heck, I felt right at home. Unfortunately, it stayed overcast right until the sun went down.

So, off we went. We drove around to the north side of the island, and stopped a few times to watch the crazy waves. Suddenly, I want to learn to surf. The waves were beautiful, and huge. I walked right down to the edge of the waves to see them as close as I dared — some of those waves will suck you right under if you’re not careful. But, after 4 or 5 came within inches of my toes, I was pretty confident that I was in a safe spot… until the next wave came and went nearly up to my waist. Damn near pulled me off my feet. I laughed my ass off, glad that although I was carrying the camera with me, it was well protected under two layers of sports bags. The downside was that I then had to get back in the car and wear wet shorts all the way home.

When we got home, it was dark, so Ken & I went off to the International Marketplace. I picked up a mens hawaiian print shirt for myself — some of the womens shirts were quite pretty, but you can’t buy them without the matching skirt. I’m just not much of a skirt person, and I couldn’t bring myself to buy something I’d never use. Meh. Anyhoo, I’ve been wanting more mens shirts anyway. It’s quite pretty.

On our way back, we got to see a ton of street entertainment — like the copper cowboy (a man dressed all in copper, including copper makeup, copper hat, copper toy gun)… the parrot guy (standing there with no less than 6 parrots hanging off of him), Robot Girl, the Rodney Dangerfield style comedian who never gets any respect (”I went to a freak show… they didn’t charge me to get in!”), a truly excellent juggler, and the ever-so-sexy hula hoop girl. Da-yum. She was hot. She had the mohawk style that I wouldn’t mind getting — longer on top, and spiked up, but rather than being shaved around the sides, it was just short…. so it could be worn in a more “professional” way if need be. And wow, those were some big hula hoops. At the apex of her performance, she had four hoops going at once. And not the little ones we all had when we were kids, these were about 5 feet across each. Complete with a bellydancer’s skirt (and a wonderfully tight tummy, without being skinny) … yeah, I’d hit that.

Especially with moves like that. Rawr.

All in all? A truly awesome day. I’m exhausted. My hopes for the rest of the evening? That the boy will come online and we can get thoroughly sappy with each other before I go to bed and dream happy dreams. Then it will have been a near perfect day.


This is the closest I ever want to come to a long distance relationship. A few minutes of chatting online in the morning and the evening is NOT enough, damnit. I’m greedy, and if I can’t curl up in his arms and fall asleep after talking for hours, I’m just not satisfied.

NRE, isn’t it fun?

In other news, I haven’t any idea how I managed it, but the backs of my legs and my back are definitely burned. The back has actually morphed into an almost full tan, but right around the bathing suit line it’s still bright pink. How does that work? I pulled the straps off my shoulders so that I’d make sure to get everything covered, and yet along the strap lines is still the worst. Does it reflect more UV onto that portion of skin or something? Bah.

As for the backs of the legs… well, I think that one may be my own fault. I know the first two slatherings were complete and definitely included the thigh-line… but the one after I got out of the water may not have been complete.

So yesterday, we hung around at Waikiki Beach doing nothing in particular. We played around in the water, which is so incredibly warm there are no words for it — it’s warmer than the pool at our hotel. I went out to the breakwater and sat on it for a while, letting the waves push me around. Pretty strong waves — if I wanted to stay sitting on it, I had to hold on pretty hard.

Then Ken came over, and decided to walk along it. Since it’s only an inch or two under the waterline when there are no waves, he looked like he was walking on water. This amused him (okay, and us) greatly.

Carol Ann had a blast, bobbing around in the ocean. She even made a friend and built sandcastles with her. Alas, the poor kid has a cold and is sniffling really badly. Makes her cranky. She woke up the night before last at about 2am just bawling because she felt so awful. Nice timing. But, other than constant sniffling, and a shorter temper than usual, she’s having a lot of fun.

We ate at TGI Friday’s last night. On the way out, they asked if she’d like a balloon. You think? Is there sun in Hawaii? Of course she did. Mom tied it to her wrist, but not very tight… and sure enough, we hadn’t gotten more than a block before it went off into the night. Well, this was after a very long day of having the sniffles and Carol Ann immediately went into full on tragic mode, tears streaming. So I picked her up, we went back to the resturant, and they were happy to give her another one — this time, the waiter tied it on. I think they assumed I was a terrible mother who didn’t know how to tie knots. I protest. I tie very good knots, and I ain’t nobody’s mother. Hmph.

Oh well. I think by now I’ve gotten used to being mistaken for her mother. Sigh. I’m still very quick to correct when they mention it, though. *shudder*

We hit what’s left of the international marketplace. I picked up some turtle magnets for Jesse, something-that-won’t-be-mentioned for the boy, and … something that can’t be described in words anyway, so I won’t even try. I’m not entirely sure who I’m giving it to yet, so we’ll just not mention it further. I’m liking this method of shopping. There are three or four people who I definitely wanted to get something for… and for everybody else, it’s just a matter of “Hey, X would like this” and picking it up for them — like the turtles for Jesse. (He has a total turtle fetish. I mean, he has a turtle tattooed on his neck… yeah, he’s weird, but we like him anyway.)

Also got a new charm for my bracelet (one of the “links” style italian charm bracelets). It’s got a hula girl and says “Hawaii”. Yes, I am a tacky tourist. Shut up.

Aaand, I just about fell out of my chair, so this indicates that I should get up and go lay on the balcony while I wait for everybody else to get up and get moving. Comment lots, I miss y’all!


Today, I bought thongs. Those of you who either know me, or who have read this site for more than like, a minute, know that I don’t do thongs. But! I’ll make an exception for the type that go on your feet.

Well, more accurately my mother bought them for me because I’m a spoiled brat. But hey, let’s not split hairs.

I watched the sky go from light to dark while floating on my back in the hotel’s pool. It was beautiful — blue to pink to purple to navy to black, framed on all sides by palm trees.

I like it here.

I miss the boy. A lot. I can’t say that I wish I was back in Vancouver, because… hot damn, I’m having fun here. But do I ever wish he was here with me.

You Ask, And I Deliver

I have tan lines!

Ok, they’re sort of burn-y lines too, but I swear I was lathered up in as much sunscreen as I could stand, and re-applied constantly. Trust me, I don’t tan well. But, the burn has some tan mixed into it, so it’ll fade to a nice brown soon enough. Before I get home, I expect.

Rock on.

Son Of A…

Damnit, I just wrote a post and then hit the back button… and lost it. grumble, snark.

Anyhoo, forget most of it. The only part of import is this:Look, pictures!

The ones of me in a bikini can wait until my skin is no longer blindingly white. Wouldn’t want to cause retina damage, after all.

Have discovered the “what did I forget to bring that I’m going to miss?” that everybody has: The magic red hoodie. I can’t believe it — I’ve worn this thing pretty much constantly for the past two years, and I forgot to bring it to Hawaii. Oh well, I needed a new one anyway. And if you’re all wondering why the hell I need a hoodie in Hawaii, I have two words for you: Air Conditioning. It’s everywhere. I’m wimpy. Deal.

And now, to go sit on our giant balcony and look at nothing in particular. Mmm, vacation.


I find it amusing when customers don’t believe me, especially about something I’m 100% sure on. Like, how .CA registrations work.

Let’s put it this way. I’ve registered somewhere in the realms of … oh, about 10,000 domains, more than half of them .CA’s. We’ll assume I know what the hell I’m talking about when it comes to a simple email address change. Yes, it’s a pain in the butt. No, I can’t do it for you, especially if I’m not your registrar.

So seriously, when you’re talking to an expert about their field of expertise? Don’t freaking argue! Truuuust me.

Election Ramblings

My musings on the election:

As much as I like instant gratification, it’s annoying to have the election called less than 2 minutes after the polls close. (For the non Canadians: There’s a ban on publishing election results until after the polls have closed across the country. Which means they can’t display the information until 7pm PST, when our polls close in BC.) I mean, you KNOW they haven’t even come close to counting our results, and they’re already calling every poll. Sure, they switch back and forth seven hundred times before the “Final” results are in, but still — the conservative minority was called on my TV within minutes of them legally being allowed to talk about it. Bah.

Dear Conservatives: The West Wants In? Pardon me, are we still part of the same country? Just so you know… the West does not end at the Rockies. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba… what the hell? You guys are NOT the west. BC is the West. You guys are the prairies. Or the centre. Nothing wrong with that, but stop calling yourself the west. The west is perfectly happy to have neither liberals nor conservatives in power, given all the NDP’s we elected.

Ok, so we have a fairly high ratio of conservatives in BC, but compared to the last election, the cons LOST seats in BC, they didn’t gain. NDP gained.

Dear Vancouver Centre: Hedy Fry? Again? With a landslide? When we could have had SVEND? Aw, man. Are they still burning crosses in Prince George, Hedy? Meh.

Belinda Stronach: I’m pretty amused that she kept her seat, despite crossing the floor last spring. Good job.

Someone let me know where the Independant is? I couldn’t find him, although I have no interest in digging through every constituency to find out where that one independant is.

Penny Priddy: I talked to her briefly a few years ago during a lecture on Women in Politics at Langara. She’s an interesting lady. She got started in politics by getting elected to school board, ever so many years ago. Then she was a provincial politician, and was an MLA for many years. Now she’s got Chuck Cadman’s old contituency. Good for her.

The Chuck Cadman saga was, in my books, somewhat inspiring. Chuck Cadman was a former Conservative who lost his contituency because the other guy got more signatures to get himself into the party as their representative for that area. Chuck ran anyway as an independant and won. He’s responsible for us not going to the polls 6 months earlier, when he listened to his contituents when they said they didn’t want another election right away and voted with the Liberals to keep from toppling the government.

Unfortunately, about a month later, Chuck died. I saw him in the Cloverdale Rodeo Parade shortly before, and he was one of two floats who got my applause. Russ Hiebert, the MP for Cloverdale, certainly did NOT get my applause. He is, as my mother puts it, “slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun.” Cadman, I may not agree with a lot of his politics, but he proved himself to be a stand up guy and probably the most respected politician I know. (Well, other than Yvonne, our favorite sex party candidate, of course.)

Anyhoo, this time around Penny Priddy has won. She had Cadman’s widows endorsement, despite being an NDP. And she won. Good for her.

I watched from 7 until nearly 10, but my roommate begged me to change to something else. Sigh. You’d think she’d be more interested in her first federal election (she officially became a Canadian citizen over the summer.) So I went to bed smelling like moth balls (vicks) and drinking neocitran. oy. I hate being sick.